Custom Distillation

We offer competitive rates for custom distillation for licensed DSP.  Bring us your wine that you would like distilled into Brandy and we will do the rest. Everything is run on our incredible Prulho cognac still resulting in a premium spirit for you to enjoy.

First Pass/Stripping Run: (up to 600 gallons)

This is the first pass through the still and is meant to strip out the alcohol from the wine without making "cuts".  Each run can be up to 600 gallons, and we charge per run. Expect a yield of about 25% of your beginning amount.

Second Pass/Finishing Run: (up to 600 gallons)

This is the second pass through the still and is meant as a finishing run.  During this run we will take cuts and separate out the heads, hearts, and tails.  Typically you can combine about 4 stripping runs into one finishing run.

For inquiries about distillation,
 please contact Connor:

530-343-6893 option 6




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