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almendra wines

white & Rosé

PINOT GRIS                                      

Our Pinot Gris is made in the French style with generous amounts of lees contact and a long and slow barrel fermentation to create a softer and creamier wine than its Italian counterpart Pinot Grigio.  This wine boasts notes of stone fruit and Meyer Lemon.


ROUSSANNE  - Sold Out                                    

Fermented and aged in toasted French Oak barrels, Roussanne is our only estate grown wine.  It is similar to a Chardonnay and features creamy layers of roasted nuts and buttered toast with apricot and honeysuckle. 

MOSCATO - Sold Out                                    

Delightfully sweet and refreshingly smooth, this Moscato enchants the senses with floral notes of orange blossom and honeysuckle.  Soft tannins and light acidity make this a wine that pairs easily with sweet or spicy food.

Sparkling Wines



Slightly sweet with a lovely sense of finesse, Celebration is a refreshing sparkling wine. The mellow, delicate fruitiness and balanced acidity lend to a long and plush finish. Delightfully elegant and refined, you can take your Celebration anywhere.















An every-changing selection of Almendra & Bertagna wines featuring Light, Red, and Reserve flight options. $12

Almendra_Wine and Wine Flight.jpg




We aimed to capture the ethereal playfulness of the moonlight in this blend. The aroma of this medley brings our minds back to the nights spent on the patio with Grandpa’s cherry flavored sweet pipe tobacco.  A great table blend for any occasion.


A fruit forward and bold Syrah that carries notes of black currant and cracked white pepper with hints of chocolate covered cranberries.  A well-balanced wine with a syrupy smooth mouth feel that leaves a lingering finish you won’t forget.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON                             

Robust and powerful, this Cabernet proudly displays characteristics of bell pepper and red vine licorice with an underlying layer of toasted caramel.  The spice and tannins lend themselves to the astounding complexities this wine has to offer and will need some air to fully unwind.



While Luna plays with the night, Sol seeks to claim the immense power and majesty of the sun.  This bold blend boasts strong notes of currant and black pepper with dark chocolate and macadamia nut shining through.

Reserve wine

Pronounced (allee-YAWN-nee-koh) A rich, full bodied wine that traces its roots back to Southern Italy.  The initial aroma of this Aglianico reminds us of fresh rain on pavement and as it unfolds, there are some incredible notes of chocolate
covered coffee beans with backbone of plum, tobacco, and pepper.  Great acidity and a balanced mouthfeel, this captivating wine will leave you wanting more. Aglianico does wonderfully alongside barbecue.


Italian for ‘the Godfather’, Padrino is the big boss of our lineup. Grab a cigar and enjoy this truly unique wine that was made by blending three of our most powerful wines, Aglianico, Nero d’Avola, and Petite Sirah. Borrowing the
characteristics of its  ancestors, Padrino has notes of cherry cola, licorice, hibiscus, and toffee. 


Originally grown on the island of Sicily, this Nero d’Avola (or Nero for short) was grown locally on the rocky Vina Plains just north of Chico.  Our Nero is a deep, dry, and powerful wine that needs a few minutes to decant and fully unravel its many layers.  When you first smell, you may notice an aroma of fresh cut green grass and smoke that gives way to rich notes of tobacco, caramel, and black cherry.  Great with any heavy cream dish, this wine will continue to age and evolve for years. Nero d’Avola (the Black Grape of Avola) is indigenous to Sicily and hails from Avola on the southern tip of the island.  It is often called the “most important red wine grape in Sicily”.   If you like full-bodies dry reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah, then you are going to love Nero d’Avola.

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